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Wartime is an atmospheric and evocative Virtual Reality turret-gunner game shooter set during World War II. Take on the role of an American soldier in the midst of battle, as you fight to defend yourself and your allies from heavy fire. The game is fast paced, have a great deal of historical accuracy and features both arcade modes for casual players as well as intense game modes that mimics real-world airplane physics and bullet speeds for the more hardcore gamer. It’s designed to be (experienced/played) in VR with motion controllers, works well with both Oculus and Vive and could easily be adapted for Playstation VR as well.

Key aspects:

  • Intuitive interactions with motion-controllers.
  • High degree of realism.
  • Comprehensive aesthetics.
  • Comfortable - No risk of motion sickness.
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Wartime - expanded info

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The Game The game is a First-person VR shooter taking place during the second world war. The player will be taking the role as an anti-aircraft gunner, stationed on an american battlecruiser, and will have to fight off waves of japanese planes. The game will start out on the bridge of the ship which will act as a menu throughout the game. Here the player can choose the settings of the game by pulling levers and pressing buttons and when the player is ready to take on a mission, he/she walk over to the mission table. Through folders on the mission table, the player can pick up and read a small description about each mission and stamp the folder for approval to begin the mission. The screen will fade and shortly after the player will find himself/herself in the selected mission in front of an anti-aircraft gun, either the Oerlikon or the Bofors depending on the mission, and immediately the player can start interacting with the gun and the mechanisms of the mission. All of the games interaction is through VR handles. The player will be using the grip/hand buttons to pick up objects or control the different guns and once a gun is grabbed the player can shoot it with the index triggers. The events of the missions are dictated by time as well as the player's and the enemies' interaction with each other, and narrated by a commander through a nearby intercom to keep the player updated. It will be up to the player to protect the ship from any type of attack that might happen during the missions and shoot down as many planes as possible, with the help of the battlecruiser. If the player succeeds, the remaining japanese pilots will retreat from the battle, and the mission will be marked as a success. If the player fails to protect the ship, the battlecruiser will have sustained too much damage and the mission will fail, returning the player to the bridge so they can either try again or select a different mission. We are also currently expanding the game with missions taking place on a B17, where the player will be using a Browning M2 to shoot down planes. Below you will find two gameplay videos uploaded to youtube, one with the Oerlikon and one with the Bofors.



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